A Guaranteed Way to Get More Referrals in Real Estate Sales

Get more real estate leads and referrals through cross-promotionImagine a potential client – let’s call him Jim – is visiting his local Florist. He’s buying a bouquet of roses for his wife’s birthday. During the transaction, he gets into a lively conversation and tells the Florist that he may soon be on the market for a new home.

“Do you know any good real estate sales professionals?” Jim asks.

“As a matter of fact, I do,” the Florist replies. Then she passes him YOUR business card. “Tell him Jill at Jill’s Flowers sent you.”

Chances are, Jim is going to give you a call.

That’s the power of cross-promotion.

Cross-promotion is simply working with your network of industry professionals stored in your IXACT Contact Business Directory — contractors, interior designers, lawncare specialists, self-storage facilities, restaurants, health clubs, driving ranges, computer technicians, lenders, insurance agents, lawyers, home inspectors, etc. — to promote each other’s services.

There are many ways you can do this:

  • In your e-Newsletter. For example, you recommend a health club in your e-Newsletter and the health club recommends your real estate services in theirs.
  • On each other’s website. According to some statistics, the “Resources” section of a site is one of the most popular for visitors.
  • A seminar. You can invite a contractor, insurance agent, or other industry professional to be the guest speaker, or visa versa. For more information on this, click here.
  • A special community event. Co-sponsor an event with another industry professional, such as a fireworks display or a pumpkin carving contest (a great way to share the costs and work). Your IXACT Contact Agent CRM makes planning and organizing these types of events fast and easy.

Takeaway point: Your network of “home professionals” is an excellent source of real referrals and leads. However, always make sure that the people you decide to work with and recommend provide excellent service to your clients. Remember, how they treat your clients will ultimately reflect on you.

Have you ever taken advantage of cross-promotion? If so, what has your experience been?

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