An Easy Way to Ensure No Real Estate Lead Falls Through the Cracks

Use the automated lead capture technology in your real estate contact management software to ensure no lead falls through the cracksHere’s a typical scenario: A past client (who has become loyal to you as a result of your real estate marketing efforts) recommends you to a colleague who is planning on making a move. “Our Agent did a terrific job for us,” he says to his colleague, writing down your contact information on a scrap of paper. “Here’s his name.”

Now you have a fresh new real estate lead! Or do you?

These days, many new referrals won’t immediately call you for more information. Instead, they will visit your website first.

And here’s what can happen. The new referral checks out your website, finds out more about your services, is suitably impressed, and decides to give you a call… sometime later this week.

Guess what happens between now and “later this week”? Like the rest of us, the referral gets busy with work and life. Will he remember to call you? Will he still have that scrap of paper with your contact information on it? Did he bookmark your website? Maybe. Maybe not.

The point is, it’s entirely possible that you can lose the lead without even knowing you had it in the first place.

How do you solve this problem?

The easiest way is to put a simple form on your website that the prospect can fill out to request more information. A good idea is to offer a bonus to the prospect if they contact you, such as a copy of your most current real estate e-Newsletter that’s packed with helpful tips and advice.

A good real estate contact management software will provide you with a form that you can put on your website.When a prospect fills out the form, you’re notified right away via email and the prospect’s contact information is automatically captured in your real estate database. You can then call the prospect immediately and / or set them up on a drip marketing campaign.

Takeaway point: You work hard to build client loyalty so that you can generate more referrals. Don’t let those leads fall through the cracks! Make sure your website has a form to get in contact with you.

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Do you have a “Contact Me” form on your site? Please let us know by leaving a comment below!