Avoid This Damaging Real Estate Sales Mistake

Use your real estate crm system to avoid this damaging mistake in real estate salesIn real estate sales, what is the number one reason that Agents fail to generate as much business as they should from their past clients and referral sources?

Is it lack of follow-up? Not returning phone calls promptly? A poorly planned client appreciation night?

All these, of course, have a negative impact on your results. But the most common mistake agents make in referral and repeat marketing is, fortunately, the easiest to fix. What is it?

Not keeping your database current.

If you forget to add a new prospect, lead, referral source or client to your IXACT Contact database (or whatever real estate CRM system you’re using), then you probably won’t get any referrals or repeat business from that person.

It’s that simple.

To ensure that you get all the referrals and repeat business that you deserve, you must make updating your database a daily habit.

The longer you wait or procrastinate, the more time-consuming it will be to catch up later. Just two or three missed names per week can quickly add up. (Who wants to spend time typing a mounting backlog of names, phone numbers and addresses?)

And what if, in the meantime, you misplace someone’s contact information? There is nothing more frustrating than scribbling down a name somewhere and then not having it available when you need it most.

With IXACT Contact’s automated website lead capture capability, you don’t have to worry about adding website leads to your database (the system automatically does it for you). But for contacts not obtained from your website, you need to ensure you’re entering them in your database and keeping it current. In the end, this doesn’t cost you time but actually saves you time!

Each day you need to:

Add new contacts: hot prospects, clients, referral sources.

Update information: conversations, status, phone calls, homes viewed, offers, birthdays, mortgage renewal dates, etc.

The simple layout and one-page Contact Profiles in IXACT Contact make updating your database easy. It takes just minutes a day – to avoid the worst mistake you can make.