Awesome New “Set It and Forget It” Enhancements to Our Real Estate Contact Management System

Agent excited about her real estate contact management system's new enhancementsIXACT Contact has always been known for its user-friendly interface and intuitive, easy to learn and use features.  But we’ve just released some exciting new “set it and forget it” enhancements that make our real estate contact management system easier, more automated, and better than ever before!

IXACT Contact Customers Can Now Do The Following:

  • Automatically assign all new contacts to their monthly e-Newsletter.  This includes new contacts from wireless sync, website lead capture, and manual entry.
  • Choose the time of day their e-Newsletter will go out.
  • Automatically assign their website leads to a selected contact group and/ or marketing plan, giving IXACT Contact an auto-responder capability.
  • Automatically accept new contacts into their database from wireless sync and/ or website lead capture.

4 Reasons These Enhancements Make Your Job as an Agent Easier:

1. You can improve the effectiveness of your lead nurturing efforts. By automatically assigning website leads to a drip marketing plan, you can ensure you’re staying in touch with leads and nurturing new relationships.

2. You can get even more organized – web leads can automatically go into a specific group.

3. You’ll have additional flexibility with the system (can choose e-Newsletter timing) and have the ability to reach your clients at the best times possible.

4. You can ensure you’re sending out your e-Newsletter with even less work involved. As soon as a contact is put into your database, the e-Newsletter can be sent to that person.

We have some more exciting features and enhancements we’re releasing in the near future, so stay tuned! To be the first in the know, be sure to connect with us on Facebook and Twitter.