The Telephone Call is Still Valid…Today!

With all the talk of technology these days, it’s important to remember the value of the phone call in connecting with your real estate leads and clients. In the video below, real estate trainer Dirk Zeller explains why the phone call is still so important.

Calling clients to ask for referrals can be very effective, and Dirk shares what you can say on the phone during these exchanges.

Many agents shy away from making phone calls because they feel uncomfortable making the calls – they often don’t know what to talk about or are hesitant because it has been a long time since they’ve contacted the person.

You should know that a real estate CRM will help in this regard. With your CRM, you can ensure that you’re maintaining contact with a past client, long after the transaction is over. And next time you pick up the phone to call them, you’ll know exactly what you can start the conversation with because you’ll be able to easily see what you spoke with them about last and details into their life, such as hobbies, interests and their birthday.

Do you still call clients and prospects? Why or why not? Please leave a comment below!