9 Signs That You’re a Real Estate Contact Management Expert

9 Signs That You Are a Real Estate Contact Management ExpertPracticing effective real estate contact management is key to maximizing your success as an Agent. Below are nine signs that you’re mastering this area of your business:

1. You have birthdays for a lot of the people in your real estate database and wish them a Happy Birthday when the time comes.

2. You are familiar with your real estate leads and past clients’ hobbies or interests. This lets you connect with your contacts better on a one-on-one level and build stronger relationships.

3. You send a real estate newsletter or e-Newsletter.

4. You feel organized and in-control because all of your contact information, transactions, tasks and “to-do’s” are in your real estate contact management software and you get reminders when key dates and activities arise.

5. You make regular check-in calls to your A-List or meet with them face-to-face.

6. Each time you call a lead or past client, you have something relevant to start the conversation with because you’ve recorded what you last spoke with them about.

7. You take advantage of drip email or direct mail marketing campaigns to stay in touch with your leads and convert them into clients.

8. You manage all of your transactions, buyer requirements, showings, documents, and third-parties related to a transaction in one place. This helps keep you organized and lets you access key information quickly and at a glance.

9. Your website leads are captured automatically into your contact management system and you’re notified via email when a new lead comes through.

If you need help with contact management, a good real estate contact management software like IXACT Contact is a must-have. It’ll help you stay more organized and build stronger relationships with your leads and past clients, which means more business and referrals your way!  So, are you a contact management expert? Let us know how you’re doing by leaving a comment below!