Boost Your Real Estate Business in 21 Days

Boost your real estate business in 21 days using your Agent CRMFamous sales guru, Zig Ziglar, plays an interesting game with his audiences.

He asks, “How many of you need to increase sales?” Everyone raises their hands. Then he asks, “How many know at least one thing you can do within the next three weeks to achieve that goal?” Again, the hands go up. Then Zig laughs, “You’ve just admitted you know exactly how to increase sales in just twenty-one days. What do you need me for?”

Ask yourself those same questions. Are there things you can do within the next three weeks to generate more leads and cultivate more repeat business and referrals? Think about what you can do with your Agent CRM​.

Ideas to Boost Your Real Estate Business:

  • Update your IXACT Contact real estate database
  • Make one improvement to your listing presentation
  • Re-establish contact with a past client and assign them to a marketing Activity Plan in your Agent CRM
  • Introduce yourself to a potential new referral source
  • Send out a real estate newsletter
  • Start planning a client appreciation event and schedule key dates in your Agent CRM.
  • Learn one new time management technique, and use it

Chances are, you can come up with a dozen ways to boost your business… improvements that you can easily put into action within the next 21 days, even if you have a busy schedule. In fact, all of the examples used above can be implemented in just an hour or less — and all will help to increase your leads and listings.

Another well known sales guru, Tom Stoyan, often says, “It’s not what we know that gets us our results, it’s what we do with what we know. ”

[stextbox id=”info”]”It’s not what we know that gets us our results, it’s what we do with what we know. ” [Tweet this][/stextbox]

So make the decision to significantly improve your business over the next three weeks. Brainstorm a list of things you can do to make that happen. Pick one. And then do it.

Takeaway point: You already know how to boost your business in just 21 days.

What’s one activity you plan on doing within the next three weeks to improve your business? Leave a comment below!