6 Tips to Building Relationships and Getting More Sales in Real Estate

Use your real estate contact management software to build lifelong relationships with your SOIBelow is a re-blog from IXACT Contact affiliate, real estate trainer, and author of Sell With Soul, Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn. Note that your IXACT Contact real estate contact management software is essential to managing your “keep in touch” activities with your sphere of influence (SOI) and ensuring that you build long-lasting relationships over time.

Enjoy the article:

The more people who KNOW you, LIKE you, and TRUST you, the more successful you’ll be. Simple as that. So, how do you get yourself more of these people who know you, like you and trust you?

1. “Impress One Person a Day”
If you make a positive impression on just one person every single day, that’s 365 people in a year who think a lot of you as opposed to just a whole bunch of people in the world who sorta recognize your name.

2. “Forget about Branding, Focus on Bonding”
Instead of trying to brand yourself as the ________ Agent (Hiking, Biking, Golfing, Dog-Rescuing, etc.), get out on the world and hang out with people with similar interests. Once these people get to know you as a person, they’re far more likely to want to support your business than if you’d simply targeted them to market to.

3. “Be Pleasant to 10 People a Day”
In order to increase the number of people in the world who know you, just get out there in the world (where these people are!) being a bright little ray of sunshine in the lives of everyone whose paths you cross.

4. “Be an RCHB (Reasonably Competent Human Being)”
Anyone who is self-employed and hoping for the support of his or her friends and acquaintances needs to realize that they are always on display. While our friends may love the heck out of us as a friend, if our behavior when socializing gives them reason to doubt our professionalism, it WILL affect their willingness to support our business.

5. “Prioritize Properly”
Always put your current clients at the top of your priority to-do list. Yes, even ahead of prospecting.

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6. “Go to lunch with friends”
Note, I didn’t say TAKE your friends to lunch, I said GO TO LUNCH with your friends. As a FRIEND, not as a “hungry” (pun intended) real estate agent on the prowl for business. When you GO TO lunch as opposed to TAKING someone to lunch, there’s no obligation for you to pitch your business, nor for your friend to listen to your pitch.

The original blog post by Jennifer Allan-Hagedorn can be found here.

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