Make the Most of Your Real Estate Leads

Make the most of your real estate leads with a CRM for AgentsIn real estate sales, it can be easy to find yourself chasing dead leads and/ or not converting them into clients. We hope that these three tips will help you make the most of your real estate leads:

Tips for Making the Most of Your Real Estate Leads

1. Use a CRM for Agents

A CRM for Agents makes it easy for you to manage all of your real estate leads and their contact information in one place. You can put all of your leads into a special group and then search for this group and send your leads a mass email, a just listed or just sold e-Card or e-Flyer, and/ or assign them to a marketing Activity Plan. Assigning each lead to a marketing Activity Plan is an important part of nurturing your leads effectively, which we’ll discuss later in this article.

2. Qualify your leads properly

This tip is from one of our affiliates, real estate trainer Richard Robbins of Richard Robbins International. Make sure you ask every real estate lead three key questions: 1) where are you moving to? 2) when are you looking to move? and 3) why are you moving/ thinking of buying or selling?

It’s important to ask these questions to determine how serious the lead really is. Note that the prospect doesn’t need to have an answer to all three questions. For example, they may not know where they want to move and when, but they do know that they have to move in the near future because of an upcoming job relocation.  If this is the case, be sure not to discount them.

3. Nurture your leads

Lead nurturing is the process of keeping in touch with your prospects over time (and building your relationship with them) until they’re ready to use your services.

Use your CRM for Agents to schedule “keep in touch calls” and assign your leads to marketing Activity Plans. A marketing Activity Plan for email is a series of emails that go out automatically at various time intervals. Your CRM for Agents should have a number of different campaigns created for you and designed for different types of leads, such as for-sale-by-owners (FSBOs) or renters. Activity Plans can also be comprised of letters or a mix of emails and letters.

IXACT Contact’s CRM has a comprehensive library of email and letter templates to choose from. The system also comes with a professionally written and designed monthly real estate newsletter, which is great for sending to your leads.

When you’re making the most of your real estate leads, you’ll find that you’re maximizing your time while building a successful, flourishing business.

Of the tips we discussed above, which one do you believe is most valuable/ important? Leave a comment below!