Give Your Real Estate Database a Health Check: 4 Simple Steps

Real estate database

For 99% of salespeople, the most productive source of business is their personal database (those who know, like, and trust them).

These people may have done business with you or they may have not. Regardless, they likely send business your way. It’s logical to think that the bigger the list, the more business you get. But this is not always true. You still have to call your contacts every 90 days and ask for business (“Who do you know that needs my help…etc.?”).

Here’s the acid test question: Aren’t there some people on your list that you do not want to call and ask for business? Be honest. Of course there are! That’s normal.

Here is your ACTION STEP…you should do a health check of your database periodically.

What about those individuals on your list that you are mailing to but do not want to call? Often they are “infecting your attitude” about the rest of the list! This pushes you away from doing your job, which is not healthy.

Here Are 4 Easy “To-Do’s” to Give Your Real Estate Database a Health Check:

1)    Go through everyone on your list one by one (one technique is to pick one letter of the alphabet each day for a month). You can easily print out a list of your contacts from your real estate CRM.

2)    Call everyone and ask for business.

3)    CRITICAL…if you are hesitant to call any particular individual because you haven’t spoken to them in a long time, don’t be. Remember, the only person that knows you should have been calling them sooner is… YOU. Here is a good script to use for reconnecting with people you haven’t communicated with in a while.

4)    Make a note of which contacts you like and want to call regularly.

Once you start getting into the swing of things, you’ll realize how easy it truly is and you’ll be encouraged by some of the positive responses you receive. Do it for you. NO excuses.

Bruce Keith is a leading trainer for sales organizations in North America. He was trained in the corporate world as a marketing and sales manager for 15 years. His education then moved to 25 years in the real estate industry, 10 years as a successful sales rep. followed by the last 15 years as a keynote speaker, seminar leader, author and one-on-one coach. His high energy coupled with a “No Excuses Accountability” approach has helped thousands increase their production significantly. He says, “It’s all about Results.”