How to Ask for a Happy Client for a Referral

Get more referrals in your real estate sales careerToday’s blog post is by leading real estate sales trainer, Bruce Keith. Bruce is an IXACT Contact partner and founder of Bruce Keith Results. Enjoy:

You should be using your CRM for Agents to personally contact your past clients and centers of influence four times a year. This activity should be planned in advance and entered into your follow up system. At some point during the conversation you should ask, “Who do you know that needs my help to buy or sell a home right now?”

Here’s some good news… there is an even better group of people to ask for referrals from. The best source of all is your current clients – the people you are doing business with right now, today.

Here is your action step…

Start asking for referrals when you are working with a customer who likes what you do and is obviously happy with your service. I’m talking about situations like buyers you are showing property to or sellers whose home you have just sold.

Take The Right Approach When Asking for Referrals

Here’s a great approach to take when asking for referrals. Learn this short conversation:

1. You know Mr./Mrs. customer…just so you know, I have a problem – may I tell you what it is? (Sure)

2. You two are really terrific to work with and I’ve really enjoyed our time together…the problem is I’m going to have to replace you soon. We’re almost done here, does that make sense? (Yes it does)

3. So let me ask you, who do you know – someone just like you folks – who needs my help to buy or sell a home right now?

This always results in a positive response. They are already in a good mood and well aware of your skills and the services you offer. People love to help other people who they like – that’s you! Ask earlier and ask more often. Don’t wait until the deal is done and they have gone away. NO excuses.

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