3 Amazing Customer Service Tips for Real Estate Agents

cropped18Excellent customer service is a foundation for referrals, repeat business, trust, and loyalty in your real estate sales career. Here are the three amazing customer service tips for real estate agents:

1. Be a helpful resource

Are you providing value over time to your database in the form of helpful and interesting information on homeownership and real estate? There are many ways in which you can do this, such as:

  • Your real estate e-Newsletter (IXACT Contact provides you with a professionally designed and written one each month)
  • Drip marketing campaigns
  • Just Listed and Just Sold e-Cards or e-Flyers

Also, be sure to use the built-in Business Directory in your real estate CRM to easily recommend reputable home professionals.

By being a helpful resource, you’re staying top of mind with your contacts, positioning yourself as a true expert in your field, and subsequently benefiting from referrals and repeat business.

2. Use listing and closing Activity Plans

Listing and closing Activity Plans help you make sure you’re doing all you can for your client and their listing. As soon as you assign an Activity Plan in your Agent CRM, the system will remind you to do all the pertinent steps involved in listing or closing a home so nothing falls through the cracks. And you can then easily generate a service report from your CRM to show them everything you’ve been working on. Your clients will be impressed!

3. Respond ASAP

Fast response time isn’t just important, it’s critical. Studies have found that people expect fast response times and being the first to respond to a lead often makes the difference in whether or not they become your customer. Here is how you can ensure you’re ready to respond to clients and leads as soon as possible (ideally within an hour):

  • Make use of the organizational aspects of your CRM for Agents, such as the calendar and task list, so you get automatic prompts and remember to call or email people at the right times.
  • Set up Automated Website Lead Capture in your CRM which means that 1) all of your web leads will be automatically flowed into your database, 2) you will be notified via email the second a lead comes through, and 3) you can automatically put  that lead on a drip marketing campaign or send them an auto-responder email.

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These tips will help you make sure you respond fast, maximizing the chances of converting your leads into clients and showing your customers that service is a top priority for you.