How to Stay Busy This Winter in Real Estate Sales

Winter Real Estate SalesLet me guess, during the spring and summer months you hardly have time to catch your breath.  Then when the holidays roll around suddenly your calendar opens up, meetings are sparse and the phone quiets down.  How do you stay busy and continue generating real estate leads through the winter months?

The holiday season is actually one of the best times of year to generate leads and it can be a lucrative time for home buyers to find their dream home.  Making the most of the winter can mean you’ll be reaping what you’ve sown all through the upcoming year. You can also use this season as an opportunity to get organized and revisit your marketing strategy. Let’s explore some of the best ways to nurture your contacts, generate leads and make good use of the “slow” season.

There’s No Time Like the Present, for a Present!

What better time than the holidays to drop off a pie, apple cider or other small gift?  Take this opportunity to offer warm wishes to your most loyal “A List” clients by stopping by with a card and a token of your appreciation.  Dropping a gift off in person is the ideal way to have a face-to-face interaction and remind them that you’re there for their real estate business.

Stuck for gift ideas? Calendars are a nice option and have been a staple in real estate for years, but remember to add a personal touch if you go that route.  Does one of your hot leads have a beloved family dog? Maybe dog treats would be a hit.  If there are children in the family, coloring books or stickers are nice choices.  Now that you have more time, spend a few moments writing personal notes wishing your clients well over the holidays.  This thoughtful touch will go a long way and keep you on the top of your contact’s mind.

‘Tis the Season for Social Gatherings

real estate gift ideaThis is the perfect occasion to show your contacts that you care so spend some time socializing by hosting a community event. Depending on the weather in your area, you could coordinate a hay ride, sleigh ride, an ornament decorating party for kids or a wine and cheese reception for the grownups. Or what about hiring an interior decorator to host a seminar on holiday decorating tips?

Coordinating an annual community event is a special way to connect with your contacts in person and remind them that you’re available to help them (and their friends) buy and sell their homes. Factor an event like this into your budget and drop off an invitation personally to make your contacts feel especially welcome.

Give Your Contacts the Inside Scoop

Generally known as a slower season inreal estate, wintertime is a lucrative time for home buyers.  If you have some contacts that you know are looking to purchase their next home, a rental property or a second home, let them know that the cooler months are a smart time to buy.

Sellers are often more motivated in the winter, prices are at an annual low and there is less competition from other buyers.  While all this may not be good news for your clients looking to sell, it’s great news for clients who are looking to buy.

Give Yourself the Gift of Organizationwinter real estate

I know of more than one sales-conscious Agent who uses the slower season to get their
business in order.  The first step to sales success is getting organized so prepare your budget, consider your social media strategy and clean up your list of contacts.  This season is a great time to consider what contact management tools are available to real estate professionals and find one that’s right for you.  Take the time to attend webinars, do your research and compare the benefits of the different CRM solutions available.

As you organize your communication plan, think about keeping in touch with your contacts through customized Drip email activity plans. You can stay organized by “setting it and forgetting it” and your contacts will be receiving timely, relevant emails.  A CRM like IXACT Contact comes preloaded with Drip email programs to suit your different contacts, and they can all be customized to your liking.

Winter can be a great time to catch your breath and prepare for the upcoming year.  Enjoy the season by connecting with your contacts, hosting an event, giving gifts and getting yourself organized.  With the help of a contact management system for Agents, you’ll stay busy and generate leads all though the winter months.