How to: Stay Connected with your Leads and Past Clients even through the Holidays

Whether you are going shopping for gifts, indulging in that amazing turkey and stuffing or celebrating the holidays with your favorite Christmas movies, your real estate business is virtually the last thing on your mind. Don’t feel guilty, you deserve a break. But, that is why a real estate CRM that acts as your own personal assistant and comes equipped with set-it-and-forget-it functionalities comes in handy.

Who says you have to go out and knock on peoples’ doors or make tedious phone calls? There are a ton of things you can do to stay connected with your leads and past clients, without having to trek outside in the snowy weather; unless of course, you want to sit at your favorite coffee shop and do it from your laptop, or stand in line at a store and schedule automated emails from the mobile app on your phone.

Here is a list of a few things you can do over the next couple of weeks to remind your leads and past clients that you are thinking of them, especially over the holidays.

1. Send a Nice Holiday e-Card

Your leads and past clients are probably getting at least a dozen cards over the holidays, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t send one either. Take it a step further and schedule an e-card to be sent to them, wishing them a happy holiday. What’s even better? It is a digital card, so it won’t get lost somewhere amidst wrapping paper or stored away somewhere. The e-Card will be in their email, so they can always be reminded of you, even when the holidays are over. Let’s not forget, this is also a nice personal touch and shows your leads and past clients that you are thinking of them!

2. Post on your Social Media

Chances are, you may have many of your leads and past clients on any of your social media channels. And if not, you can always link your social media channels on your agent website or in your emails. Over the holidays, post something on your social media. A warm holiday greeting will even do! If you are a forgetful person and rarely find that you use social media, activate your Social Stream add-on feature and let it post for you over the holidays. Social Stream will post interesting industry-related, real estate articles, home DIYs and even fun holiday recipes. Your contacts will surely appreciate this. What’s better than a real estate CRM that does this for you?

3. Send them a Text

You can always take that extra step and make your prospects and past clients feel even more welcome and connected through something as easy as a text message. Send a personalized mass text to your leads and past clients, wishing them a happy holiday. If they reply, it will come right to your phone and you can even connect with them while you are relaxing by the fire at home. Your conversation will also be auto-recorded in your phone, which is convenient because later on, you can always go back and look at your correspondences with your contact.


During the holidays, you may be overwhelmed of even the mere thought of doing work, but you know it is essential in building and maintaining relationships with your prospects and past clients. Enlist the help of a next-generation real estate CRM that can do the work for you. A real estate CRM, that acts as your personal assistant, will automate your messages and any other communication with your contacts. Your contacts will know you are truly thinking of them, leading to a better and more prosperous new year!