May I have Lousy Service, Please?

Use your CRM for Agents to provide great customer serviceHere’s a great article by vice president of marketing for NewPoint Media Group, Rebecca Chandler, on ways you, as a real estate sales professional, can provide amazing customer service.

As you’ll read, Rebecca discusses the importance of following up with every lead and proactively calling your real estate leads and clients versus hoping they’ll call you. A great tip is to use your CRM for Agents to a) set-up automatic prompts and reminders so you never forget to make an important phone call and b) set-up every lead on an automated drip marketing campaign so while you’re busy on the road showing homes, you’re marketing to and keeping in touch with hot leads at the same time.

Enjoy the article:

Have you ever bought a product or hired a company and said, “May I have lousy service, please? I’d like to be frustrated by the experience of doing business with you.” Doubtful.

We’ve all experienced lousy service – whether that’s due to long lines at the checkout, a botched order at a restaurant, over promises that were under delivered, or just a crummy attitude. Certainly nothing you’d ask for. Click here to read more…

What other ways are you demonstrating over-the-top service? How is that helping you to build your business? Please share!