Satisfied Customers to Loyal Customers – Your Key to Real Estate Sales Success

Client loyalty in real estate salesIn this blog post, top real estate virtual trainer and IXACT Contact affiliate, Pamela Cendejas, explains how to turn satisfied customers into loyal ones – the kind of clients who bring you referrals and repeat business, year after year.  As you’ll read, communication and keeping in touch is key.  Be sure to use your real estate contact management software to take a multi-channel communications approach and automate some of the work involved in maintaining contact and building long-term relationships with your sphere of influence.

Enjoy the article:

In your business approach, do you strive to have satisfied customers or are you going beyond “satisfied” to build a loyal customer base?

What’s the Difference between a Satisfied Customer and a Loyal Customer?

Research shows that about 65% of customers say they are satisfied with the services they receive.  Sounds pretty good until you realize that in the absence of loyalty, they can be easily swayed by someone else with a good sales pitch. Loyal customers, however, feel a trust in you and your services.  They are receptive to your ideas and give you honest feedback.  They will also feel comfortable referring business to you.

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