Eight Secrets Every Real Estate Agent Needs to Know for a Successful 2014

Real estate sales success secretsIn this article, Chris Kiel, the Director of Strategic Partnerships with Homefinder.com, discusses eight important things every Agent should be doing to ensure success. We particularly like point number two (build a reliable network), point four (nurture past client relationships), and point five (audit your business). Remember that a real estate CRM is instrumental to keeping a consolidated database and effectively building it over time, staying in touch with past clients, and gaining key insights into your business.

Enjoy the article:

Real estate sales tend to slow down around the holidays, but if your goal is to increase your brokerage’s profitability in 2014, the end of the year is vital to your team’s success. Set the scene for a prosperous 2014, by encouraging your agents to incorporate the tips below into their year-end business goals.

1.) Resist hibernation: As we enter the months of November and December, real estate agents often go into hibernation, says Christopher Fox, a Director of Agent Growth in Southeastern Michigan. Avoid this! This goes back to the basics of sales – every real estate agent needs a sales funnel of clients either looking to buy or sell their home. Focus on prospecting clients to refill your funnel to start 2014 on a high note.

2.) Build a reliable network: Make a goal to create at least six new business relationships in different industries (ex: mortgage broker, professional stager, professional mover, real estate attorney) to give and receive referrals, says Kristine Wyatt (Broker Associate, Smart Click Realty). Surrounding yourself with a strong network will drastically improve your reach, and will also allow you to pay it forward.

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