7 Essential Steps for Starting Your Real Estate Business

Start You Real Estate CareerNew to the real estate industry? This career path holds many opportunities and challenges for  you. While your first year in real estate can be the hardest, it’s also your chance to establish sound business practices for long-term profitability.

Here are 7 essential steps for starting your real estate business!

1. Treat your business like a business!

Establish regular business hours. Keep excellent records. Return all calls and emails promptly. Being your own boss means being completely accountable for your own success or failure.

2. Join a successful team.

Find seasoned mentors who are willing to share their knowledge and experience.

3. Announce your new career to everyone in your sphere of influence

Family, friends, neighbors, classmates, church members, and any local business owners you know. Don’t be shy!

4. Build a professional network

Agents, mortgage lenders, insurance agents, movers, contractors, home builders, ect. Introduce yourself to other professionals who are connected with the real estate industry. Collect business cards and distribute yours freely.

5. Take advantage of low-cost marketing services

Managing your contacts efficiently is incredibly important in the early days of your career, because as you get busier you’ll want to have a good system in place. A good real estate CRM can make the difference between you having an “ok” year, or an excellent year. IXACT Contact offers a robust real estate CRM to new agents, absolutely free for the first six months!

6. Build and maintain good relationships with every potential client!

It’s key for generating leads. Read IXACT Contact’s prior blog, “Top Tips for New Real Estate Professionals” for examples!

7. Be careful with your money

It takes time for any new business to become profitable; it could be months between your commissions. When you have a closing, be sure to set money aside for your income tax obligations. Use cost-effective marketing tools and services to grow your business, while keeping relationships at the forefront.

Real estate sales is a flexible, rewarding career with unlimited earning potential. It’s also a challenging career that requires hard work, good business habits and excellent marketing tools! IXACT Contact’s Rookie Agent Program provides lead capture, contact database management, and email marketing systems completely free for six months. Start your real estate career with the advantage of IXACT Contact!

Carrie Gable & the Real Estate Virtual Assistant team at RealSupport, Inc. work virtually for many top real estate agents & brokers nationwide, offering marketing campaigns, branding, website & logo design, listing marketing efforts, lead management, technical support, marketing presentations, social media setup & management, copywriting, blogging and much more.