The 3 Best Real Estate Marketing Tools

Real estate marketing toolsThe best real estate marketing tools aren’t always easy to find. And everyone seems to have a different opinion these days on which ones really are the cream of the crop. In this blog post we’re going to let you in on three tools which we believe are absolutely essential for every Agent and which will help take your business to new heights.

1. IXACT Contact – Real Estate CRM

A real estate CRM is the foundation to building a referrals-based business. If you want to stop cold calling and get the majority of your business from referrals and past clients, you need to start using an Agent CRM. We recommend you use IXACT Contact because it’s easy to learn, comes with amazing customer support, and includes a professionally written and designed monthly real estate newsletter. It’s also the only CRM for Agents on the market with Email Campaign Reporting functionality – a feature that helps you to identify the hot leads in your database and track opens, reads, clicks, and bounces.

Here are some of the things you can do with IXACT Contact:

  • Send a professionally written and designed monthly e-Newsletter.
  • Assign custom drip marketing campaigns to different types of leads, such as FSBOs, buyers currently renting, sellers, first time buyers, and more.
  • Assign listing and closing Activity Plans.
  • Identify your hot leads with Email Campaign Reporting.
  • Manage your transactions, including third parties and showings.
  • Create letters and labels.
  • Automatically capture all your web leads into the system.
  • Store an unlimited amount of documents, such as contracts, images, and buyer agreements.

You can sign up for a free 5 week trial of IXACT Contact right from the homepage.

2. Animoto – Real Estate Marketing Videos

We think Animoto is one of the best real estate marketing tools because it helps agents beautifully and easily showcase their listings. And what’s great is that each video is easily sharable on social media.

With Animoto, you can:

  • Create a professional looking video in minutes using your own photos and video clips.
  • Choose from a variety of style options.
  • Create and share the video on your smartphone, tablet, or computer.
  • Choose songs from a music library to add to your video.
  • Link your video to your listings with a call-to-action button.
  • Add captions and texts to your video. You can caption your photos with listing details, for instance.

You can sign up for Animoto on the company’s website where you can try the system for free.

3. Buffer – Social Media Management

If you’re active on social media (or would like to be) and have a few different social media sites that you manage, Buffer will make your life a whole lot easier by saving you time. In one place, you can schedule all of the content/ updates you’d like to publish to your social media channels and when you’d like them to go out. This prevents you from having to constantly log into each social media site separately to post content.

Here are a couple Buffer features we particularly like:

  • Suggestions on different types of content to post.
  • An analytics dashboard that tells you how well your content performed. For example, how many clicks or Facebook likes it received. This helps you to determine what kind of content to post more or less of in the future based on what is resonating with people.

You can sign up for Buffer for free on the company’s website.

It can be hard to find great real estate marketing tools for your business these days – tools that really save you time, make you look more professional, and help you supercharge your business growth. We hope that this blog post/ guide has helped you learn about three tools that you’ll find will be key to your business success.

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