The #1 Rule of Relationship Marketing

Real estate contact management and relationships go hand in handWhen you entered the real estate sales business, you were instructed to “get your name out there.”  You put your face on business cards, flyers, websites, social media, and park benches. You established your personal brand on all fronts. From there, reinforcing your brand and staying “top of mind” became an ongoing objective.

If only the same emphasis was given to knowing your clients! Relationship marketing requires a mutually-beneficial association. Some agents forget that the number one rule of relationship marketing is to establish a relationship!

It requires that you provide value to your prospects before you earn a sale. This is why many real estate professionals share local market trends, a monthly real estate newsletter, new listings, and community events with their audience of prospects.  It gives them a way to establish themselves as the local market expert and friendly neighborhood resource.

Would you like to do the same? Organizing your prospect list, and sharing pertinent messages with the right groups is essential. Knowing who reads your messages, and who clicked on your links is priceless! Fortunately, you do not have to invest countless hours of labor to make this process work, if you use the right tools.

Comprehensive real estate CRM (customer relationship management) can be accomplished for a fraction of the cost of other marketing avenues. A great CRM for Agents system should:

  • Be easy to learn and use
  • Be affordable
  • Capture leads
  • Organize client profiles
  • Make it easy to keep in touch
  • Enable you to build lasting relationships
  • Manage referrals
  • Manage transactions
  • Provide reporting on results

A high-quality Agent CRM like IXACT Contact accomplishes multiple purposes. It enables you to communicate with leads on a regular basis to build new client relationships. It also enables you to stay in touch with previous clients to create lifelong associations. If referrals are gold, you should be prospecting with a great real estate CRM!

Carrie Gable & the Real Estate Virtual Assistant team at RealSupport, Inc. work virtually for many top real estate agents & brokers nationwide, offering marketing campaigns, branding, website & logo design, listing marketing efforts, lead management, technical support, marketing presentations, social media setup & management, copywriting, blogging and much more.

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