Want to Better Service Your Clients? Consider a CRM for Agents

Build better client relationships with a CRM for AgentsWhat are you doing right now to offer exceptional service to your clients? Perhaps you respond to their inquiries right away, provide them with excellent advice, are proactive in showing them homes they may be interested in and anticipating their needs, and more. But are there other things you can be doing? Maybe you could be leveraging technology more to bring the service you provide from good to great. Or great to extraordinary.

The technology I have in mind is a CRM for Agents. Not a generic CRM but one that’s specifically customized to meet the unique requirements of real estate sales professionals. This is key because with the latter, you’ll get predesigned real estate specific marketing templates, listing and closing Activity Plans, and drip marketing campaigns for different types of leads, such as FSBOs, buyer leads, and seller leads.

Why a Real Estate CRM?

A real estate CRM is an ideal tool for helping you take your customer service to the next level. Three main CRM features make this possible: Activity Plans, a Keep in Touch dashboard, and the system’s built-in Business Directory.

Listing and closing Activity Plans in your CRM help you ensure that you’re doing everything you can to make the listing and closing processes as smooth as possible and preventing even the slightest detail from falling through the cracks. Your CRM for Agents will come with these plans preloaded into the system. You’d simply assign a plan to a listing or closing and you’ll get automatic prompts and reminders delivered to your inbox at just the right times.

So whether it’s sending a client a progress report, mailing out a thank you card, or informing an agent about closing funds that are required, you’ll never miss a beat. And this will have a big impact on the experience a customer will have with you.

A Keep in Touch dashboard is an area within the software where you’ll manage everything you’re doing to keep in touch with your clients. In one place, you can set automatic birthday reminders for those in your database, plan housewarming and client appreciation events you host, as well as any home-expert seminars you’re putting on. As well, you can organize activities like check-in calls or important meetings.

An attentive agent – one that’s tuned into their client’s needs – is important to buyers and sellers. With a CRM for Agents’ Keep in Touch dashboard, you’ll be able to bring your service experience up a few notches.

The last CRM feature that will aid you in better servicing your clients is the system’s built-in Business Directory. An integrated Business Directory makes such a big difference because it helps you easily provide an instrumental value-add to your customers: recommending top-notch, reputable home professionals to assist your clients with whatever services they’re looking for.

In today’s world, it’s often difficult to find a reliable professional that does great work, is affordable, and comes highly recommended. If you can be the one to provide this assistance to your clients, they’ll definitely appreciate it. And it’s a great opportunity to differentiate yourself from other agents.

Being able to provide advice on industry experts is actually a win-win-win situation; it helps you offer a better level of service, it eliminates research and risk for your clients, and it helps you foster goodwill with other professionals – those who have the power to refer many people your way!

So to pose the question again: are you leveraging real estate technology as much as you can to provider a higher level of service to your clients? If not, you might want to think about doing so. With an Agent CRM in particular, you can become more detail-oriented and thorough, as well as more attentive and responsive, and provide an important value-add that may have otherwise been more difficult to offer.

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