How Do You Know If You Need a Real Estate Contact Management System?

Indicators that you need a real estate contact management systemPerhaps you’ve been thinking about a real estate contact management system and whether it’s worth the investment. Maybe you’ve heard of other agents in your office using IXACT Contact’s real estate CRM (customer relationship management) solution or another contact management system, and the amazing things they’ve been able to do with it, but you’re still hesitant. If you can relate to any of the four key indicators discussed below, it’s time to try out a CRM for Agents.

Indicators That You Need a Real Estate Contact Management System

1. You have contact information scattered all over the place

If your client and prospect contact information (phone numbers, email addresses etc.) are scattered all over the place, it’s time for a real estate contact management system. Many Agents have some contact info on their phone, some data in a system like Microsoft Outlook, and still other data in a notebook. It’s important to have one consolidated database to store all of this information and be able to quickly and easily pull up the data you need, when you need it.

2. You feel disorganized

If you’ve ever missed appointments or commitments or have had trouble remembering the details of important conversations with contacts, you need real estate contact management software right away.

With a CRM for Agents, you can set automatic reminders or “ticklers” of your choosing so you never miss an important appointment again. And, you can get the system to automatically remind you by email to wish your clients a “happy birthday” or when their home purchase anniversary date arises.

You’ll also use your real estate contact management software to record your communication history with contacts and pull it up for a quick refresh next time you speak with them. Wouldn’t it be nice to recall the details of your last conversation with a prospect and impress them with your attentiveness and professionalism?

Being more organized and proactive is easily achievable with a real estate CRM because you’re managing your entire business in one place, from your buyer and seller contact information to your email marketing and “keep in touch” plan to your current listings.

3. You hesitate to call prospects and/ or clients

If you hesitate to call your contacts (likely because you simply don’t know what to talk about) then you need a real estate contact management system. With a CRM, you’ll feel completely comfortable calling all of your clients and prospects because you’ll have something relevant and interesting to start the conversation with. For example, if the first time you spoke with Jimmy he mentioned a baseball tournament he had coming up, you’ll record this information in his contact profile and next time you call Jimmy, you can start the conversation by asking about how his tournament went.

Real estate is a relationship business. Agents who build the strongest relationships with their sphere of influence (SOI) come out on top in terms of referrals and repeat clients. Agents that have a system in place to remember important information about their clients, including things like their birthdates, interests, anniversary, etc., impress their clients and demonstrate to them that they care. Knowing and remembering this information is one way that you can, in fact, differentiate yourself from other Agents. And this is one of the great benefits that a real estate contact management system will afford you.

4. You don’t keep in touch with past clients and prospects effectively

If you don’t have a “keep in touch” plan to ensure you’re staying “top of mind” with your sphere and making certain that people don’t forget you, then you’re undoubtedly losing a lot of business that you could have otherwise easily had. Not keeping in touch effectively is a clear sign that you need a real estate contact management system.

With a real estate CRM, you can ensure you’re doing what the top real estate trainers and coaches recommend to keep in touch, which is a combination of phone calls, face-to-face meetings or events, emails, and direct mail pieces. You’ll be able to use your real estate contact management software to schedule “keep in touch” activities for the year and automate some of your marketing communications, saving you a ton of time.

With IXACT Contact’s CRM for Agents, you can also send out a monthly e-Newsletter that’s pre-designed and written by real estate marketing experts. There’s no work involved on your end. Simply select your contacts and hit the send button!

If after reading this article you’ve learned that you need a real estate CRM, give IXACT Contact a try by signing up for a FREE 5 week trial. Click here now!

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