How Many Real Estate Leads Can You Handle?

How do you make sure the real estate leads generated from your real estate marketing efforts are good quality leads?How many real estate leads can you diligently follow-up on over the course of a week?

Five? Ten? Twenty?

When it comes to real estate lead management, are more leads always better?

You may believe the more the better, but it’s the quality of the real estate leads you call that will have the biggest impact on your income and career.

Think about it. If you chase down twenty real estate leads and nineteen of them are dead ends, you will have wasted a lot of time and, perhaps, a lot of money too.

On the other hand, if most of those real estate leads are genuine prospects — the kind that can realistically become new listings — your business will boom.

So how do you make sure the real estate leads generated from your real estate marketing efforts are good quality leads?

Gaining Quality Real Estate Leads

Here’s the key: Not all lead sources are the same.

Some consistently generate great real estate leads. Others, are not as reliable.

For example, if you get most of your real estate leads through advertising, signage, and mailings, a lot of the calls you receive will be from people who are not serious about buying or selling.

They may just be curious about the market value of their home, or “what number 27 sold for down the street.”

Sure, some enquiries will turn into listings. But you pay a hefty price in terms of time and money to find these needles in a haystack.

If, however, the majority of your real estate leads come from past clients and referral sources, things look a lot different.

Not only do you spend less to generate these enquiries, the majority of them are very high quality. And because you were recommended to them, these potential buyers and sellers are already pre-disposed to use your services. A real estate lead doesn’t get much better than that!

If you want to supplement the real estate leads from your referral and repeat marketing you will have to do some advertising, farming, and prospecting. But never forget to keep your eye on the prize.

Build relationships with past clients and referral sources, and you’ll be building a future where the real estate leads you generate keep getting better and better.

A real estate contact management software like IXACT Contact is key here. It’s really the foundation to creating a business based on referrals and repeat clients. And with a real estate CRM, you can be rest assured that for each lead you get, you’re doing what you can to convert that lead into a client!

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Where do you get most of your leads from? Are you successful in converting your leads into clients?

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