Real Estate Marketing The Right Way – Communicating To Groups

In last week’s post, I talked about how to categorize contacts and assign them to Groups that are relevant to you and your business.  The next step is to define your communication approach to each Category or Group, beginning with the appropriate mix and frequency of face-to-face meetings, phone calls, emails and direct mailings. This is one of the cornerstones of real estate marketing.

The key is to target the appropriate messages with the appropriate frequency to the needs and interests of your different contact types and groups.  Here are a couple of simple examples of what NOT to do.

  • Suppose you just helped a client buy a new home last month and you send that client an email blast with tips on how to buy a house.  That’s certainly NOT going to impress them!
  • Or perhaps you just met someone at an open house last weekend, and you include them in an email blast soliciting referrals.  That wouldn’t look too smart either, would it?

You laugh, but these kind of mistakes are made by agents every day of the week.

To target your communications in this way, you obviously need a real estate marketing system that lets you select contacts by Type or Group, and then communicate with the selected contacts via personalized mass emails or letters, all as quickly and easily as possible.  With your communication strategy in place, you can automate much of the activities so that planning and managing tasks, events and activities becomes almost a no-brainer.

Imagine how great you’d feel if you had an intelligent communication plan locked and loaded for the coming year that would ensure you stay in touch with ALL your clients and other contacts in just the right way.  Can you see how this could have a dramatic impact on your success?  I hope so!

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