Real Estate Marketing Idea: Throw A Party

When your client moves into a new neighborhood, they’re strangers. They may only know a few, if any, of the other families on the street. So consider throwing your client a housewarming party. These types of events are very effective loyalty building techniques in real estate sales.

Here’s what you do:

Throwing a party is a great real estate marketing idea that build's client loyalty•  Set a date

•  Get a list of friends and family

•  Combine it with a list of people from the neighborhood

•  Mail out invitations

•  Arrange for food and drinks

•  Host an event

If your client has kids, arrange for a clown or magician to perform. This is relatively inexpensive and attracts other families. The kids will get a chance to make new friends in their new neighborhood, and your client will thank you!

But why go to the trouble of throwing a housewarming party?

First, it’s a great way to build loyalty. As you already know, in real estate sales, loyalty results in more referrals and repeat business. Do you really think your clients will forget you once you have hosted a party in their honor?

Second, a housewarming party is a great way to meet new prospective clients. Even if you don’t get any hot leads or meet any prospects at the event, you’ll probably get some referrals from the people in attendance.

But how do I manage all the details?

Simple. Your IXACT Contact real estate CRM lets you plan and manage complex events such as this, quickly and easily. Personalized invitations, logistics, and follow-up tasks can all be scheduled in minutes.

Be careful not to actively promote yourself during these events. That may be interpreted as opportunistic or even sleazy. Simply leave your promotional materials on a table. Follow up after the party by sending guests a “Thank you for coming” card. Remember, it’s not all about real estate prospecting or getting new clients, but instead, the primary goal here is to build client loyalty.

Make sure everyone is introduced and feels welcome. They’ll remember you for being a great host – and a great Agent.

Have you hosted this type of event before? What was the outcome?