Real Estate Marketing Made Easy: Top Five Ways to Keep in Touch With Past Clients

At IXACT Contact, we’re often asked what the number one way to stay in touch with a past client is in real estate sales. Well, there’s no one answer so I’ve compiled a list of the top five ways to ensure that you’re staying top of mind and continuing to build those relationships with the contacts in your sphere of influence (SOI). If you want to make certain that you’re getting the most referrals possible, you should be considering the following suggestions:

1. Drip email / drip marketing campaigns. Use your real estate CRM system to send out emails every so often to past clients to see how things are going and to see if you can be of assistance to them.Real Estate Marketing Made Easy: Top Five Ways to Keep in Touch With Past Clients

2. Client appreciation events and ongoing seminars. Plan regular client appreciation events to stay memorable and top of mind with past clients. Clients appreciate these events and you’ll be rewarded for the effort you’ve put into planning and executing them.

3. Monthly newsletter. It’s a good idea to send out a newsletter every month with information that past clients will find valuable. This is another way to ensure you’re continuing to add value to the relationships you’ve built and are continuing to build.

4. Birthday recognition. We all like to be acknowledged on our birthday so make sure you know when your clients’ birthdays are. I recommend gathering information on client interests so when the birthday arrives, you can send a birthday gift that is relevant to that particular client.

5. Quarterly keep in touch calls. Use your real estate software to schedule quarterly keep in touch calls. From a client’s perspective, it’s nice to get a call every now and then and it adds that personal touch to the various other things you’re doing to stay in touch.

Do you have any other suggestions? What has worked for you and what hasn’t? Let us know!