Supercharge Your Real Estate Sales Career and Get More Done Using the 50-Minute Focus Technique

You already know how to get a lot more done in a lot less time. You just don’t know that you know!

Let us explain.With the 50-Minute Focus Technique and a Real Estate CRM system, you can increase your productivity as an agent


Say you’re doing a listing presentation with a hot prospect.In the middle of that meeting you don’t suddenly grab your cell phone and call a friend, or check out CNN on your BlackBerry, or pull out your grocery list and add a few items!


Of course not.


You give that hot prospect your full attention. For those 50 minutes or so, you let few things, if any, distract you. You’re “on”.

As a result, you get a lot accomplished in that relatively short period of time.


Why not make a similar appointment with other projects and tasks you need to get done? This idea was developed by marketing consultant Dean Jackson and it works particularly well when you have something to do that takes a chunk of time, such as planning a client appreciation event or adding contact profiles to your CRM for Agents.


Here’s how the technique works.


First, you get a timer and set it for 50-minutes (your wristwatch or PDA might have one). Then you work intently on a specific project or task for that period of time. You don’t check email. You don’t answer your cell. You don’t let your mind wander to the BBQ plans you have for the weekend. You’re totally focused.


When the timer goes off, you stop. You can take a break, or proceed onto some other activity.


Just one or two of these 50-minute focus sessions per day can do wonders for your personal productivity. In fact, you might be amazed by how much more you’re able to get done. And you’ll like the built-in incentive — that break at the end!


Takeaway point: Try this technique a few times this week. If it works for you, keep doing it!


What works for you? We want to know!