The Easiest Way to Get More Real Estate Referrals

There are many ways to generate more referrals in your real estate sales business. However, the easiest way to ensure you get more real estate referrals is to implement a simple technique that most Agents don’t use nearly as often as they should.

That’s saying “Thank You.”The Easiest Way to Get More Real Estate Referrals - Say Thank You

In fact, a client is five times more likely to recommend you to a friend, neighbor, or colleague again if you adequately show appreciation for the first referral.

And that’s what you want: past clients who actively advocate your services to all the people they know who are moving (according to industry surveys, that averages five people each year).

Saying “Thank You” accomplishes two very important things:

1. It makes the client feel good about recommending you; and,

2. It reminds the client that you’re open to more referrals in the future.

Think about it. If you didn’t say “thank you,” the client would have no way of knowing that you wanted and appreciated the real estate referral. In fact, they may assume you didn’t. And, the next time a friend of theirs is moving, another agent may get the listing!

How do you say thank you?

The best way to thank a client for a real estate referral is face-to-face. Call and say that you’d like to drop by to say “thanks for the referral.” Make sure you bring a thank you card along and, if appropriate, a small gift.

If you’re unable to see the client personally, thank them by phone and then follow-up by mailing or dropping off the thank you card.

Don’t leave anything to chance. Make sure your clients know how much you appreciate their support. And make sure you record every client referral in your IXACT Contact database. This way, you can know in an instant who are your best sources of real estate referrals over the years, letting you treat those people in the special way they deserve.

Takeaway point: saying thank you is the easiest – and least expensive – Referral & Repeat Marketing technique. Use it!

We want to know: how do you show referrers your appreciation? What referral techniques work for you?