4 Ways to Fail Miserably in Real Estate (and how to avoid them!)

Real Estate MistakesThere are plenty of ways to succeed as a real estate agent, but there are four distinct ways to assure resounding failure! Here are the top four ways to flush your real estate business:

1. Refuse to prospect.

If you prospect, a good number of those contacts will become qualified leads, and then, before you know it, active clients. That means work. Pesky things like listing presentations, showing houses…closings and commissions. Ugh. Nip it all in the bud by refusing to look for business.

2. Ignore your leads.

Despite your lack of effort, you might end up with some leads from your website, or from well-meaning friends or family members. Don’t respond. Don’t acknowledge them. It’ll only get their hopes up. If you hide, they’ll go away – sooner than you might have thought!

3. Do not organize your contact information.

After all, you’ve no intention of dealing with these people. If you organize your contact lists into one efficient database, you might be tempted to use it.

4. Never follow up.

Once in awhile, despite all aversion, you might have a transaction anyway. The worst thing you can do is follow up and stay in touch with these real estate clients. That could lead to referrals and repeat business. Who wants that?

Now, just suppose, for the sake of argument, you want to succeed in real estate. If you want to earn good commissions, there’s an alarmingly easy way to become productive and generate business. It all starts by remembering that real estate is a people business.

By using a real estate CRM such as IXACT Contact, you can organize all your contacts into one easy-to-use database. You can send out effective communication with a personal touch, ensuring that no one falls through the cracks. Your name and your personal brand will stay at top-of-mind of prospects and prior clients.

IXACT Contact is also easy to use and affordable. It’s the ultimate anti-failure device.

A word of caution: using a real estate CRM consistently will cause lead conversion and business growth. This means more clients, more repeat business, more closings and commissions!

Need proof? Sign up today for the free 5-week trial (unless you have a deep-rooted fear of success)!

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