The Amazing Impact of Real Estate Thank You Cards

Thank You cards can have an amazing impact in the real estate sales businessIt may seem old-fashioned, but a Thank You card — the kind you actually drop in the mail — is a remarkably powerful relationship-building tool in real estate sales.

That may surprise you in these days of email, text messaging and social networking sites. However, when you think about it, a Thank You card is effective because it isn’t a popular form of communication. How many “Thank You” cards do you receive each month in the mail?

The magic of a Thank You card is that just about everyone who receives it reads it. Many will keep the card for a period of time, perhaps even posting it on the family place of honor — the fridge door.

Using Real Estate Thank You Cards

How can you use Thank You cards to build stronger relationships with past clients and referral sources in your real estate sales career?

Say “Thanks” with a card when:

  • A client or other referral source gives you a referral.
  • A client asks you to recommend a contractor, florist, interior designer or other home professional (you’re thanking them for putting their trust in you).
  • A prospect calls and invites you to make a listing presentation. Here’s an example: “John, thanks for inviting me to your home to explain my services to you. I look forward to meeting you and your family.”
  • You have completed a listing presentation (no one ever complains about receiving two Thank You cards).
  • A client attends one of your client appreciation events, such as a home improvement seminar or neighbourhood picnic.
  • A client has been great to work with (and hopefully, all your clients will fit that category).

Don’t be tempted to send a card with a cookie-cutter message. It will come across as insincere. Take the time to write a personal message, in your own handwriting.

When done, make sure to use your IXACT Contact Agent CRM to make a note in the contact’s profile that you’ve sent them a card and the reason.

Takeaway point: Real estate Thank You cards get noticed. So use them!

Do you send out Thank You cards? If not, do you plan on doing so in the future?