The Fastest Ways to Build Up Your Real Estate Contact Management System

Building up your real estate contact management system can be easy

Your database/ real estate contact management system of past clients, hot prospects and business-to-business referral sources is your most valuable business asset. The more clients, real estate leads, and quality contacts in general that you have in your database, the more repeat business and referrals you’re likely to get (assuming, of course, you communicate with those contacts in just the right ways).

But what if you don’t have enough contacts in your real estate contact management system?

Here are some ways to rapidly add more names:

1. Your personal and professional network

Chances are, you know more people than you think you do.

Make a list of all the contacts you have that are not currently in your database. These people may include friends, colleagues, neighbours and family members, as well as those you know professionally, such as mortgage brokers, florists, contractors and real estate lawyers.

Where appropriate, selectively add names to your database.

2. Client appreciation events

Picnics, movie nights, kite flying competitions, moving away parties — all are great ways to build client loyalty and add new contacts to your database. In fact, just one client appreciation event can introduce you to several new prospects. Client appreciation events should be a vital part of your real estate marketing plan.

3. New business-to-business referral sources

There are probably dozens of contractors, designers, movers, insurance agents and other referral sources who don’t know you — yet. Make the first move! Introduce yourself. One new business-to-business referral source can generate dozens of referrals for you over the years.

4. Old contacts

Do you have past clients that you’ve lost contact with? It happens to even the best Agents. Take the initiative and call these people. Apologize for being out-of-touch and ask permission to send to them your monthly e-newsletter Most will say yes (if they do, you should assign these contacts to one of your drip marketingplans in IXACT Contact).

Takeaway point: Always be on the lookout for opportunities to add quality contacts to your database.

We want to know: How have you built up your database?