I’ve Lost so Many…

Get a real estate contact management system to prevent lost businessThe below is a re-blog of an article by Brenda Mullen of Keller Williams Realty in San Antonio, Texas. The original blog post in ActiveRain can be found here.

The article starts here:

I didn’t realize how many I’ve lost.  It’s so sad to think about now…but looking back, this could have been prevented.  It’s so tragic and heartbreaking…senseless…

What am I talking about?  I am talking about my database.  Friends, colleagues and even books told me that when I got into Real Estate, I would need to start a database.  I didn’t listen.  I thought, I will just remember them all.  I shuddered at the thought of writing down EVERY person I knew and sending them out some cheesy letter letting them know I was in Real Estate….sigh…(and then I wondered why they hired someone else).

All those open house visitors names that ended up on random pieces of paper of a quickly made up sign in roster….gone…I sent them one e-mail and I never heard back.  I didn’t want to bug em.  Those sign call buyer names that ended up on post it stickies or whatever was lying around in my car at the time with quickly scrawled information…gone…it’s just so sad.  When I think of the one’s I have lost that could have been gained with an organized database with drip campaigns or an e-newsletter set up, I just get all weepy.

I know…you told me…they all did….and I’ve Lost so Many…

But for 2012 I say NO MORE!!  I WON’T LOSE ANOTHER ONE!!  I am going to painstakingly set up a proper database and start managing my past clients and new contacts better.  I have a plan to add to my new database on a constant basis so that I can stop the bloodshed!  I am on a mission to NEVER AGAIN SAY….

I’ve Lost So Many….

Please note that Brenda Mullen is an independent Agent who does not endorse IXACT Contact or any other real estate contact management system.

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We want to know: Can you relate to Brenda’s story? What’s one piece of advice you can give to agents thinking about a real estate CRM system?