Top 3 Real Estate Marketing Ideas to Build Client Loyalty

You need real estate marketing plans in place to build client loyaltyYou’ve developed a good relationship with a past client or referral source (and, of course, your real estate CRM played a key role!). You’ve built loyalty with that person, or are confident that you are well on your way. How do you maintain that momentum so that the loyalty you’ve worked so hard to nurture will continue to yield referrals and repeat sales for your real estate sales business over the long term?

You must put real estate marketing plans in place to maintain client loyalty. If your database is growing large and you can’t meet one-to-one with every client on a regular basis, it is especially important to schedule regular client loyalty programs in your real estate CRM.

Effective Real Estate Marketing Programs

Here are three proven real estate marketing programs you can implement that will save you time and money while maintaining an optimal frequency of personal contact with your past clients and referral sources:

1. Homeowner’s Check-Up

This real estate marketing program is designed primarily for the top 20% of your clients who generate consistent referral & repeat business for you. It involves meeting with a client to provide services and information about their homes. This may include a local housing market update, simple inspection of the house, review of the current mortgage, discussion of the client’s home goals, and more.

2. Seminars

A seminar is a great way to educate your clients on a wide variety of useful topics concerning home ownership. In addition to building loyalty, this type of event further positions you as a knowledgeable “home expert.” You can conduct a seminar on your own, or invite another expert, such as a kitchen remodeler to participate.

3.  Client Appreciation Days

These can be both fun and effective. As social events, they can help build your existing relationships as well as help you make new contacts. You can organize a client appreciation day around a particular program, such as a movie, BBQ, bowling, bingo, fireworks, pumpkin carving, winter hay ride, and more. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Takeaway point: Put real estate marketing programs in place that motivate past clients and referral sources to remain loyal to you.

Be sure to plan and schedule these programs in your real estate CRM.

We want to know: What are some things you are doing to build loyalty among your clients?