Accelerate Your Real Estate Marketing with A/B Testing

A/B testing for real estate marketingA/B testing should be an important part of any agent’s real estate marketing arsenal.

In this article, we’ll discuss A/B testing as it relates to email marketing campaigns.

Take Your Real Estate Marketing to the Next Level

If you’re serious about taking your real estate marketing to the next level, you’ll want to A/B split test your emails.

The process of continually testing, tweaking, and modifying your emails is what will lead to tremendously positive success with your email marketing campaigns.

You need to pinpoint the right message that resonates with your real estate leads, clients, or whoever your sending your email to.

Real Estate Marketing: A/B Testing Defined

Email A/B testing is the process of creating two separate emails. Both emails are exactly the same except for one difference. It could be a different email subject line, a different email header, or a different introductory or concluding paragraph.

The idea is to send one of the emails to half your distribution list and another to the other half and see which email is more effective. You can determine email effectiveness by statistics such as open rate, forward rate, and clicks (whether people clicked on the links in your email and if so, how many).

A/B Testing with IXACT Contact’s Real Estate CRM

With IXACT Contact and our Email Campaign Reporting functionality, A/B testing is fast and easy once you’ve mastered some of the more basic features of IXACT Contact.

The ability to see statistics on the effectiveness of your emails (Email Campaign Reporting) and to A/B test your emails are features that are only found in the best email marketing systems available today.

IXACT Contact is the only real estate CRM that has this kind of advanced email marketing functionality built-in, as well as the only real estate contact management system on the market to offer a pre-written and designed monthly e-Newsletter.

To learn how to A/B test in IXACT Contact, call our Customer Support Team at 1-866-265-6990 or email them at They’ll be happy to guide you, step by step, through the process.

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Do you plan on A/B testing your emails? What do you think of the idea?

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