Real Estate Marketing Idea: Schedule a Homeowner’s Check-Up with Past Clients

Schedule a real estate Homeowner's Check-Up as a way to keep in touch with clientsWe highly recommend that you personally visit your best clients once a year as a way to keep in touch with everyone in your real estate contact management database.

And you should know that keeping in touch with your sphere of influence (SOI) will help you build your referral and repeat business.

One way to arrange a visit with a past client is by conducting an annual Homeowner’s Check-Up. Conducting an annual Homeowner’s Check-Up is a great real estate marketing idea.

However, it’s not always easy to get a client to agree to one.

A Homeowner’s Check-Up involves meeting with clients to provide services and information about their home. This may include a local housing market update, simple inspection of the house, review of their current mortgage, discussion of the clients’ home goals, and more.

Getting clients to agree to your real estate marketing idea – a Homeowner’s Check-Up

A typical check-up lasts only about 30 minutes. Yet, despite all the benefits, clients can be reluctant to schedule such a meeting.

There’s a good reason clients resist. Few real estate agents offer this kind of added-value service that clients are naturally sceptical. “Perhaps this is all just a ploy to sell me something?” they worry.

If you encounter resistance from a client regarding a Homeowner’s Check-Up, here is a model script you can use:

“Joan, it’s my job to ensure that my clients fully enjoy their homes, even between transactions. The Homeowner’s Check-Up is just one of the ways I do that.”

“You take your car into the garage for a regular tune-up, right? My Homeowner’s Check-Up is similar, except for one important thing: it’s free!”

“I’ll need just a half hour of your time. How about next Wednesday at seven?”

Once the client understands your overriding motive — to help them maximize the enjoyment of their home — they will be more likely to meet with you.

Takeaway point: Make sure your clients understand that an annual Homeowner’s Check-Up is just part of your great service. No strings attached.

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Have you ever conducted a Homeowner’s Check-Up? Do you plan on doing one / more in the future?

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