Real Estate Email Marketing: Deciphering the Data

Email marketing campaigns are a great way for Agents to stay in touch with their clients. But do you know how your campaigns are performing? More importantly, do you know how to use that data to further enhance the performance of your current efforts? Deciphering the data behind a real estate email marketing campaign isn’t difficult. […]

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Real Estate Website Best Practices

realtor CRM

Nearly 90% of home buyers search online during the home buying process. Not only are they using the internet for their next home, but to find an Agent who has experience buying or selling their particular type of home. Many real estate agents understand that having a strong web presence is important, but don’t often know […]

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Get More Organized: The Ultimate List of Resources for Agents

Today, we’ll share with you our ultimate list of resources for agents who want to get more organized in their real estate sales business. Of course, when you’re organized, proactive, and in-control, you’ll be more effective in converting your real estate leads into listings and building stronger relationships with your sphere of influence (SOI). As you’ll read […]

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