How to Stay Committed to Your Goals and Achieve Real Estate Sales Success

It’s called the “New Year’s Eve Syndrome.” You’re a real estate sales professional who sets some exciting goals for yourself. Perhaps you want to ramp up your real estate marketinggenerate more leads or referrals, or do a better job of updating your real estate contact management system. You’re motivated. You can’t wait to get started. You know that great real estate success is just around the corner. Then, as the weeks go by, that initial exuberance wears off. You lose focus. You lose energy. And, before long, the commitment you’ve made to follow your plan quietly falls by the wayside.Choose Success! Learn How to Stay Committed to Your Goals and Achieve Real Estate Success

How do you prevent this from happening to you? Here are a few tips for staying committed to your goals:

Make your goals public

Let friends and colleagues (your SOI) know what you’re trying to achieve. They will help to hold your feet to the fire.

Write your goals down

Don’t just keep them in your head. Think of your goals as a business plan you have to show to your banker. Get them down on paper. Make them real.

Review your goals regularly

Re-read your plan at least once each week. Keep a copy of your goals in your wallet, purse or briefcase. Consider them as important to have with you as your Driver’s License.

Track your progress

Each week, review the progress you have made. Did you learn something new? Improve on a skill? Get a new listing? Tracking your progress will not only keep you motivated, but will also enable you to identify many changes or additions you will need to make in order to keep moving towards your goals.

Celebrate the milestones

Each time you make a significant step toward achieving your goal – such as meeting you commission objective for the first quarter – give yourself a pat on the back. Buy yourself a nice gift, or treat yourself to a spa getaway or a round of golf with some friends.

These tips may sound trite. But they work. So use them! There is nothing more disheartening than a goal that has faded away. Real estate success is just around the corner once you’re armed with the right tactics that’ll help you stay committed to your goals.

With your real estate contact management system, you can organize your goals, review them, track your progress, and make certain every goal has been achieved. 

What are your real estate career goals? Any tips you can share that have helped you achieve your goals over the years?