Three Easy Ways to Enhance Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

Real Estate MarketingAny Agent will tell you that marketing plays an important role in keeping their business successful.

Whether you’re a rookie agent looking trying to create their first marketing plan, or you’re an established agent just looking to revisit your strategy, make sure you go beyond the basics.

Here are three simple ways you can enhance your real estate marketing plan:

1. Keep Your Contacts Organized

Before you get too deep into mapping out your real estate marketing plan, make sure your contacts are organized in one central location. By using a contact relationship management system (CRM)  that is made for Agents, you’ll not only be able to store important contact info such as phone numbers, email addresses, etc., but valuable notes and contact history as well. It’s also recommended that you group contacts with similar needs or desires, as this can be extremely helpful when it comes time to determine what types of marketing campaigns you want to run in the future, and how you can make them feel as personalized as possible.

2. Maintain Branding Consistency

Your real estate website, emails, e-newsletters and e-flyers should all look as though they came from the same place—after all, they did! Plan to create an email header, lead capture form and email templates that have the look and feel of your specific real estate brand.  Keeping colors, fonts, logos and contact info consistent across your main marketing channels gives your real estate business a cohesive, professional look.

3. Stay in Touch

Real estate marketing of the past often included sending postcards and flyers via snail mail to all your contacts. While these marketing tactics can still prove useful, it is much more time and cost effective to keep in touch with clients via email. Not only can you send messages that are specific to select clients, such as e-newsletters and e-flyers, but you can also use email to nurture relationships, including referrals, new clients, and existing clients.

While there are a number of CRMs and email programs that can help you accomplish the three simple tips listed above, they often aren’t specific to real estate agents, come at a steep price and take more hours than most real estate agents have to dedicate to their marketing efforts. With IXACT Contact, you get a CRM and an email marketing platform in one. With our pre-designed templates and activity plans, it’s simple to assign all your contacts to the right keep in touch program, all of which can be customized to fit the look and feel of your brand.

Getting started is easy. If you want to take your real estate marketing plan to the next level, sign up for a FREE TRIAL with IXACT Contact today.