Plant the Real Estate “Referral Seed”

In real estate sales, it's important to let clients know how much you value referrals. We'll discuss how you can plant the "Referral Seed." When you see a Doctor or Lawyer who has “By Referral Only” on the office door, what is your impression?

Probably that he or she is exclusive, an expert, in demand, and respected by clients and colleagues alike – a highly successful professional.

The psychology is simple.

People believe – for good reason – that if you get referrals, then not only must you be good at what you do, you also must work hard and make the extra effort required to fully satisfy your clients.

There is a mystique that surrounds professionals who build their businesses on referrals.

In real estate, you need to let clients know how much you value referrals

People are naturally drawn in and motivated to help – by, of course, sending that professional more referrals!

That’s why it’s so important to let clients know that the primary way you build your business (or, at least, the most important way) is through referrals.

If a client doesn’t know you’re open to receiving referrals, they may never think to send you any.

You must let clients know, right from the very first meeting, that earning referrals is an important part of how you do business.

It’s as simple as saying something like, “Client satisfaction is a priority to me. In fact, most of my new clients come by way of referrals from previous clients.”

Once a client knows that you build your business on referrals, you’ve planted a seed… a seed that can blossom annually into a fresh crop of new leads.

According to the National Association of Agents (NAR), in any given year, the average client will know three to five people who plan to move.

When your client is asked by a friend or colleague to recommend a real estate agent, you want your client to recommend you without hesitation.

So it’s not enough just to keep in touch with clients; you also have to make sure they know that you invite and appreciate referrals.

Takeaway point:  The simple act of helping every client understand that you build your business on referrals is one of the most important ingredients to a successful real estate marketing strategy. Don’t miss it!

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A great idea is to use the Mass Email feature in IXACT Contact to send a message to your database, reminding them of how much referrals mean to you and to tell them about your Referral Appreciation Program (which we recommend all agents put into place).

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How do you let clients know you value referrals?

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