The 3 Deadly Sins of Real Estate Salespeople

Why does the profession of Selling Real Estate pay so much to some and so little to the rest? What’s the secret of top producers? What do they do that is so different? The answer is to STOP committing the Three Deadly Sins of Real Estate Sales.  Let’s start by identifying the 3 most common […]

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3 Strategies to Boost Your Real Estate Listing Ratio Now

Today I’m sharing a video by real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith.  Bruce offers Agents 3 clear strategies for how to boost your listing ratio. Need some help with actioning these strategies? Sign up for your free 5 week trial of IXACT Contact.  The real estate CRM and marketing system will help […]

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Are You Missing These 5 Key Items in Your Real Estate Business?

real estate business

Do you ever feel like something is missing from your real estate business strategy?  The winter season is a good time to evaluate your own business and consider how you can step it up in the months to come. Real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith shared this terrific video pointing out 5 […]

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5 Ways for Landing Loads of Business From Your Real Estate Database

real estate database

Maybe you spend a lot of time prospecting for new real estate clients. But are you also digging into your database to uncover the hot leads that are waiting in there?  In this video, real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith shares five actionable tips to help you land more business from your […]

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5 Quick Bullets to Strengthen Your Mindset

strong mind

Today I’m happy to share an inspiring and insightful blog post with you from real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith.  I really appreciate these 5 items Bruce shares for Agents to strengthen their mindset, and I think you will too. Bruce writes: Bullet #1. Increasing Your Mental Toughness Consider this thought… “We build emotional, […]

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It’s Showtime! Real Estate Presentation Tips

real estate presentation

Let’s suppose that you are hired to speak to 250 people and make a strong presentation. There is no doubt that you would show up looking like $1 million, know exactly what you are going to say, and be well prepared in advance. You wouldn’t even question the need to have all three of those […]

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