How Real Estate Success Stories Will Win You New Clients

Real estate success stories are an important part of any real estate marketing programReal estate success stories are among the most persuasive elements of a real estate marketing program. People may forget the details of your credentials, such as years of experience or list/sold statistics, but your past real estate successes will stick.

You may have testimonials and real estate success stories already featured on your website and in your real estate marketing materials. But you should also have a repertoire of success stories ready to communicate verbally when meeting with real estate leads and prospects.

Putting Past Real Estate Successes to Good Use

Let’s say, for example, that during a listing presentation a client asks:

“Besides the usual things that every agent does, what else will YOU do to help sell our home faster and for the best price?”

This is an ideal moment to bring in a success story. You could reply:

“I’m glad you asked, Tom. In fact, your neighbour, Bill, around the corner, needed to sell his home quickly, too. So I gave him a list of home staging tips that were easy to implement and quickly improved how his home showed. As a result, we got an excellent offer within two weeks of listing.”

This reply is much more effective than merely running off a laundry list of things you do to sell a home. The prospect is likely to remember the story… a story that positions YOU as the helpful expert.

Have a Real Estate Success Story for Every Occasion

Think about the questions, objections, and concerns you hear most often from real estate leads and prospects during listing presentations and other discussions. Then match these up with the real estate successes you’ve had with past clients. Create a list of five or six real estate success stories you can tell at the drop of a hat. This will make your presentations much more compelling.

One caveat: Make sure that they are true stories. Never make something up. Clients have an extraordinary ability to recognize “sales fiction” when they hear it.

Takeaway point: A successful real estate marketing program should be about leveraging your successes with past clients. So build your repertoire of success stories and be ready to use them at any opportunity.

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