Start the New Year off Right- Find out How!

This past week, IXACT Contact tag-teamed with RETechnology to bring you a webinar that will surely help you out in the new year. How many times have you made a new year’s resolution to better organize your business, manage your contacts, follow-up with everyone in your database, and overall just be a better, more reliable […]

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Take Vacation, Keep Your Business on Track

As a busy real estate agent, you don’t work regular office hours. You don’t have weekends off. And the idea of taking a vacation can seem like an impossibility. What would happen to your business while you’re gone? Well, if you have things automated, your business could move along normally while you get a much-needed […]

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5 Real Estate Marketing Tasks You Should Automate

The day of the average Agent is a busy one.  Between commutes, meetings, listing appointments, prospecting, and marketing, you might find it difficult to carve out the time for dinner with your family! While some of your tasks do require that you carry them out yourself, there are parts of your day that could be […]

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