Advice from a Real Estate Pro: One-A-Day

I’m always after you to… “Add one new name every day to your database.” I’m talking about people you can follow up with in the future for referrals (or even direct business in the months to come). Two questions come from this recommendation… Where do I find them? & What do I say? WHERE? In […]

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[VIDEO] 5 Real Estate Database “Must Do’s”

Are you getting lots of repeat real estate business & referrals from your past clients and Sphere of Influence (SOI)? It’s not that hard. Here are 5 down-to-earth ideas from real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith to make it happen.  Like Bruce mentioned, IXACT Contact can help you remember when it’s time to get in touch […]

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Three Easy Ways to Enhance Your Real Estate Marketing Plan

real estate contact management

Any Agent will tell you that marketing plays an important role in keeping their business successful. Whether you’re a rookie agent looking trying to create their first marketing plan, or you’re an established agent just looking to revisit your strategy, make sure you go beyond the basics. Here are three simple ways you can enhance […]

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Give Your Real Estate Database a Health Check: 4 Simple Steps

For 99% of salespeople, the most productive source of business is their personal database (those who know, like, and trust them). These people may have done business with you or they may have not. Regardless, they likely send business your way. It’s logical to think that the bigger the list, the more business you get. […]

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How Healthy is Your Real Estate Contact Management Database?

Updating and maintaining your real estate database regularly is an important best practice. A good agent will do a check-up on other aspects of their business and their database shouldn’t be an exception. A healthy (or unhealthy) real estate contact management database has a direct impact on how effective your marketing and keep in touch […]

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CASL Legislation and Its Implications on Your Real Estate Email Marketing

realtor email marketing

If you’re an Agent in Canada, you should be aware of Canada’s anti-spam legislation (CASL) and its implications on your real estate email marketing. There are important new CASL provisions that come into effect on July 1st. You need consent to send email marketing messages to those in your real estate CRM database.  Certain messages […]

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