4 Ways to Create a Long-Term Real Estate Relationship

As a real estate agent, you know how powerfully important good relationships are for your business. It’s critical that everyone from your prospects to your past clients feel heard in order for you to be your most successful. But how do you really build those long-term relationships that keep coming back, year after year, with […]

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How To Build Memorable Connections Within Your Sphere

real estate connections

Today I’m thrilled to share a post with you from Tom Ferry, CEO of Tom Ferry – Your Coach, an International Coaching and Training Company.  During his 26+ years in the industry Tom has influenced over 500,000 real estate professionals to create inner and outer wealth by helping them grow a prosperous business that they love. His […]

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Three Real Estate Relationship Building Mistakes to Avoid

real estate mistakes

Relationships are key to any successful real estate business. While you know you need to take the time to build a report with every client, putting that truth into practice isn’t always so easy. Agents have busy, hectic schedules and are often juggling multiple buyers and sellers at once. They also have to constantly consider […]

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Infographic: 3 Key Facts Every Agent Should Know

The great infographic, below, was created by the team here at IXACT Contact. We’ve summarized key research by the National Association of Agents (NAR) and the implications for real estate agents. Make sure to pay attention to the key takeaways at the bottom of the graphic. You’ll quickly realize the importance of a real estate CRM in helping […]

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