What I Wish I’d Been Told as a New Agent

Starting any new career is challenging, but even more so if that career is one that requires you to be self-motivated, highly organized and always “on”.  Real estate is an exciting, rewarding career, but it’s not for the faint of heart! Do you ever think back on why you got into the business in the […]

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7 Essential Steps for Starting Your Real Estate Business

rookie realtor

New to the real estate industry? This career path holds many opportunities and challenges for  you. While your first year in real estate can be the hardest, it’s also your chance to establish sound business practices for long-term profitability. Here are 7 essential steps for starting your real estate business! 1. Treat your business like […]

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Top Tips for New Real Estate Professionals

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Embarking on a new career in real estate sales can be both exciting and daunting, can’t it? Many rookie agents are often surprised by the demands of the job. From networking and marketing to time management and organization, Agents are skilled multi-taskers who keep their eye on the prize – closing sales. Maybe you’re just […]

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