Top 5 Ways Real Estate Sales Professionals Can Generate Referrals and Real Estate Leads

1. Keep in touch with past clients through a combination of direct mail pieces, phone conversations, and face-to-face meetings or events. After you sell your client’s home or find their dream property, the buyer-Agent relationship shouldn’t end. The average person knows 3-5 people who will move each and every year.

2. Have a contact management system so you know who to contact and when. A contact management system will also give you the means to create drip and mass emails (drip marketing) and letters and labels. With a good real estate software, keeping in touch becomes something you enjoy doing versus a chore that you dread. If you don’t have a real estate CRM system, sign up for a 5-week free trial of IXACT Contact here.

3. Let the people around you, including current and past clients and the professionals you work with, know that you value referrals and that your business depends on it.  It’s also important to show your appreciation to anyone who has referred a client to you (buy them a round of golf, for example).

4. Position yourself as an expert and consultant on all things home related. Like we’ve mentioned in our previous blog posts, this gives clients a reason to call you.  Clients will come to depend on your expertise.

5. Have personalized conversations with every customer based on what they’ve told you in the past and market to your contacts based on this. For example, you know that Joe Smith’s birthday is June 4th and that he loves the Chicago Cubs. A great idea would be to purchase a pair of tickets to the Cubs game for his birthday. This will certainly wow Joe, get him to remember you, and increase the chance of him referring you to someone he knows.