7 Ways to Successfully Collect Email Addresses

This blog first appeared on Inman. See the original post here. Email is synonymous with communication these days.  In the few short years that we’ve had access to this tool it’s become our favorite method of keeping in touch.  But what if you’re a veteran Agent who built the bulk of your database before the […]

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Real Estate is About Relationships Not Just Lead Generation


Today I want to share an article with you by Sunny Lake for Inman Select.  It’s a beautifully written piece emphasizing the importance of forming relationships as a real estate agent instead of only seeking anonymous leads from the web. At IXACT Contact we often discuss the importance of building relationships, establishing your Sphere of Influence and staying in […]

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What’s the Best Way to Generate Real Estate Leads?

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It’s likely the foremost question on every real estate agent’s mind… what is the best way to generate more leads and make more sales? IXACT Contact partner and real estate coach Richard Robbins tackles the question with his expert insight. Richard writes: I’ve been asked more times than I can count over the years what […]

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6 Key Benefits of Using a Real Estate CRM

Check out the below article from Jay Thompson, Zillow’s Directory of Industry Outreach. In the post Jay articulates, extremely well, six important benefits to using a real estate CRM. This is a must-read for every Agent! Keep in mind that you can do everything Jay discusses in this post with IXACT Contact. Enjoy: CRM stands for […]

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Real Estate Lead Generation: 10 Ways to Generate New Business

Below is a great article from The Rainmaker Formula Blog. As you’ll see, a real estate contact management solution is key to almost all of the 10 ways to generate real estate leads discussed in the blog post: Real estate lead generation means constantly looking for new business. When people are looking for ways to generate […]

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The Platinum Rule For Real Estate Service – Simple Yet Usually Overlooked

We wanted to re-publish this great article that is found on AgentGenius. It’s written by Hoyt David Morgan, President of CondoDomain.com. The bottom line is that in order to maximize your success in real estate sales, you need to compile information about your clients and really get to know them as people. Unless you have an amazing memory, […]

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