Why Targeted, Personalized Messaging Will Pay Off for You

Never underestimate the business-building impact of well-written emails and letters that are targeted and personalized.

Time and again, they’ll beat out shotgun style email campaigns.

According to a great book by Daniel Goleman, entitled, “Social Intelligence: The New Science of Human Relationships,” Goleman uses a social neuroscience approach to explain people’s differing reactions to being treated as a “You” versus an “It.”

In order to be effective in messaging to clients, your communication needs to be personalized and relevant.

If you’re sending out email blasts that are generic, you are missing the boat.

Understand your clients’ interests and develop stronger relationships with them so you can truly recognize their needs and market more effectively.

This is what Goleman means when he refers to treating people as a “You.”  It’s important to communicate with others in a personable way with messaging that resonates with them. When we treat people as an “It” we treat them as just another contact in our database.

I speak with Agents everyday who would like to be doing what I’ve discussed above but are not because they don’t have the necessary tools and systems in place to do so.

IXACT Contact allows agents to send emails and letters to specific groups in their contact database (for example, first time buyer prospects or colleagues from an earlier career).

But it goes further than that.

Suppose Maria has already sent you three referrals. You know that she recommends your services so you think it’s quite possible that more referrals will be coming down the pipe.

If you know that her birthday is March 25th and that her and her two children love Broadway plays, why not send her a letter with tickets to a Broadway show?

Think about your communications with clients. Think about how your messaging makes them feel. Try to wow them with every meeting, email, and marketing piece.

Undoubtedly, you’ll be a much better Agent for it.