Effective Email Marketing for Real Estate Sales Reps

This post first appeared on REM Online. See the original article here. Most sales reps know that one of the keys to long-term success is to keep in touch with prospects and past clients.  But when you’re pulled in a thousand different directions, keep-in-touch marketing can be one of the first things to suffer.  Email […]

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7 Ways to Successfully Collect Email Addresses

This blog first appeared on Inman. See the original post here. Email is synonymous with communication these days.  In the few short years that we’ve had access to this tool it’s become our favorite method of keeping in touch.  But what if you’re a veteran Agent who built the bulk of your database before the […]

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7 Things Contact Management Software Can Do for Your Real Estate Business

This post originally appeared on Inman.  See the original article here. You know the drill in the life of a real estate agent. Your phone rings in the middle of dinner. The inspector can’t find the property. The sellers want to change the date of the open house. You have a contract to draft before […]

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Why Outlook Shouldn’t Be Your Real Estate CRM

Walk into an office and there’s a good chance the employees are using Microsoft Outlook as their primary work email provider. And for good reason! It’s a wonderful email service; we even use it as an email provider at IXACT Contact.  However, Microsoft Outlook is not functional as a real estate CRM. Maybe you’re considering […]

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How to Find Quality Real Estate Leads

real estate leads

Is real estate lead generation one of the primary things on your mind when it comes to your business? If so, you’re not alone. Considering the average Agent gets only 12 leads per year, it’s no wonder many agents are researching ways to obtain more high quality real estate leads. In this blog post, I’ll […]

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Which Real Estate CRM is the Best for You?

As an Agent this is probably a question you ask time and time again. You understand the benefits of using a CRM to manage your contacts. A CRM keeps you organized and helps you stay in touch. With several to choose from, though, how do you identify which one is the best for you and your business? […]

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