What’s Changed in 35 Years of Real Estate Sales?

The National Association of Agents has been releasing their profile of home buyers and sellers for 35 years now. In anticipation for the release of their next profile, let’s take a look at some of the ways real estate has changed – and stayed the same – since the study began in 1981. Reflecting on how […]

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How to Become the “Go To” Agent in Your Town

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Do you have a favorite pizza parlor? One that you naturally call on pizza night without even considering another place? Or maybe for you, it’s a favorite bakery that you visit for every special occasion, or a preferred salon where your hair stylist knows you by name. How would you like to be THE “go […]

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Habits of an Unproductive Agent – And How to Avoid Them!

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Time management is a challenge for most of us these days, especially for busy real estate agents! Have you developed some habits that are having a negative impact on your workday productivity? Most of us have. Check out this presentation to see some of the common habits of an unproductive Agent, and read the solutions […]

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3 Fast Solutions for More Money this Month

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How would you like to make more money in the next 30 days? How would you like to make more home sales this month?  Real estate coach and IXACT Contact partner Bruce Keith is here to show you how to do it in this short video. Check it out. Here’s the solution. Do what you […]

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The 3 Deadly Sins of Real Estate Salespeople

Why does the profession of Selling Real Estate pay so much to some and so little to the rest? What’s the secret of top producers? What do they do that is so different? The answer is to STOP committing the Three Deadly Sins of Real Estate Sales.  Let’s start by identifying the 3 most common […]

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Using Email to Leverage Your Real Estate Marketing Strategies

Real estate agents invest time and money in their Agent websites, social media pages and CRM software, but they may not realize how to tie these efforts together! A recent article in Entrepreneur magazine revealed why email should be at the center of your real estate marketing marketing. We’re sharing the highlights, along with our suggestions […]

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